The modern parable of the tower of Babel

Genesis 11 tells that all of mankind came together in Babylon sometime after Noah’s flood to build a tower to the sky. God, recognizing that if they were able to achieve this they would be as God themselves and they would forget about Him, scattered the peoples to the ends of the earth and confused their language such that they could no longer challenge Him.

Today’s generation has certainly forgotten about God for the most part. Mankind is united by science, the Internet and the belief that government will solve all our problems. Could it be that God is working through these mechanisms to repeat the story of the Tower of Babel?

In presuming godlike powers, governments are enabling every class of society to survive. The less intelligent reproduce willy-nilly. Progressives, more intelligent but not convinced of their own worth, dogmatically refuse to claim superiority over the witless lower classes. They preach to all who will listen – mainly themselves – that mankind is ruining the earth and having children is morally wrong. They aren’t producing of their own, and by redistributing wealth to the non-productive they make it difficult for productive members of society to have kids.

As a result, the world is populated by more and more less and less capable people. Meanwhile, the top echelons have been prodigiously inventive, making it possible for fewer and fewer people to accomplish mankind’s work. Just as people become more numerous and less capable, jobs are becoming scarcer and more demanding.

Humankind has reached a Wile E Coyote moment – off the cliff, legs churning over the abyss. The dumb are, predictably, not wise enough to recognize their situation. They are reaping what they have not sown and are not even grateful for it. The unproductive multitudes nurture more and more grievances against the system.

They resent the creative people who claim, some would say justly, an increasing share of the world’s wealth. Though they often can’t tell who is who, the multitudes resent others whose cleverness amounts to mere dexterity. These are people smart enough to put it over on them, devising diversions and financial instruments to cozen them out of their savings, homes and retirements.

Such imbalances have occurred many times in human history. They led to inquisitions and pogroms against the Jews, the anti-Western rage of the Muslims and the anti-White genocides underway in Zimbabwe and South Africa. There is no reason to suppose it will end more peaceably this time. We scions of the Enlightenment whose liberalism and inventiveness ushered in this halcyon era of rising living standards and widespread peace have run out of steam. We are dwindling in number and losing both the will and the moral standing to impose order on the world.

Après nous, le deluge. As we lay down our burden, the world is running out of resources, and most people cannot take care of themselves. Great will be the suffering as they fight over the leavings of the vanishing productive sector, and we of that sector finally recognize that liberalism has led to a cul de sac. Things must devolve again to the survival of the fittest. Will we have the grit to fight for our interests? Will Western civilization somehow survive, or will the world be left once more to barbarians?

History must be written in hindsight. We cannot see how this will play out. I’d bet that some future theologians will point back at our hubris, our mistake in putting our faith in governments and technology, to assert that God once again brought mankind down to our appropriate measure.


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