Refusing to give in to the double standard

We white men are subject to double standards in many ways. It is war. Forced to play by the rules, we lose. That is how they eviscerated good old Dad, the well-meaning white Christian doofus of 1950s sitcoms. I’m fed up and not going to take it any more.

In warfare there is the double standard that states have to behave themselves according to the Geneva Convention but nonstate actors do not. ISIS and Al Quaeda presume to be weaker and ignore these conventions. The Russians of late play it both ways. Despite being vastly superior in force, they pretend to be “insurgents” in Ukraine and operate outside of the conventions of war.

In the war between men and women, men are bound under the threat of severe penalties not to hit women. However, if a woman hits a man, he gets little sympathy. He is presumed to be stronger and able to defend himself. Many will assume he started it in any case. My first wife would flail at me with reckless abandon. Only half my weight, she was not effective, but if she had been, I would have been in a no-win situation.

Students in the 1960s felt entitled to do outrageous things and use outrageous language in attacking college administrations and the police. The officials had to react with restraint, using moderate language and avoiding deadly force whatever the provocation. There was a presumed inequality, and the forces of the state had to hold their power in check. They were overwhelmed.

It is the same in the battle between conservatives and liberals. Liberals assail me with all sorts of hurtful words. They call me a racist, homophobic, hater, an anti-Semite and whatever else comes to mind. The unfairness of it all never crosses their minds. As a supposed representative of the establishment I am expected to play by the rules. They don’t have to. They give no thought to the validity of their slurs.

However, absolutely asymmetrically, if I say something true about them they get righteously indignant. I have pointed out that the liberal members of my ex-wife’s family have not been successful in raising children. The kids among other things have not been successful in building careers, forming relationships, getting married or having children. If I state these truths, which seem evident enough to me, I’m accused of being hurtful and negative. They ask me to take writings down off my website. In the very same letter in which they do this, they insult my new wife and claim that I have written it only to savor some delicious, sadistic pleasure. I am just describing things as I think any reasoning person would see them. But – objective truth does not matter in their world.

The proper Christian response is to turn the other cheek. “Sticks and stones will break my bones but names will never hurt me.” This is a good-sounding philosophy, but the fact is that unless I defend myself, the slurs will stick. It’s the technique of the big lie.

It is time for me to condemn those “stupid, muddle headed, group thinking, partner-swapping, vicious slanderous” progressives for what they are. I’ll have to admit that my string of invective isn’t quite as powerful as their “racist, homophobic, and sexist.” It is, however, much closer to the truth.

Somebody expressed the concern that I might hurt the feelings of some member of the family. Yes, writing the truth about them might do that. Did they ever consider what telling lies about me might do to my feelings? I doubt it – they probably don’t believe their lies, or expect that anybody else will. It’s just what they do.

In modern society we are forbidden to even investigate what appeared to be facts about sex and race and ethnicity, while the people who employ the double standard can attack us with impunity with words that clearly do not apply.

The supposition is that we white guys are strong, we can take it. If we attack them, were picking on the weak, and we should be more careful. But the other way around – we are men. We can take it.

Here’s the news. The generation of strong men is dying out. Strong men are losing their jobs to women and minorities. Strong men are being falsely accused of rape spousal abuse and all sorts of other things. Strong men are being locked up and shut out. Those of us who speak our minds, offer opinions, are being shunned.

It appears obvious that soon there will not be many strong men left to pick on. Women already lament, where have all the good men gone? The short answer would be that women should know. They destroyed them. Young men “failed to launch,” discovered the pleasures of homosexuality or pornography, got locked up on false rape charges, and/or connived their way onto the disability payroll. In any case, they are not there to be breadwinners for the new generation of women.

Many of those of us who were not destroyed have left. You ladies and minorities were not as weak as you let on, and our imagined strength was not sufficient to withstand your assaults. You won. Do you enjoy your victory? You have destroyed the movers and shakers, the people whose energy and creativity made America rich. You have discouraged them from having children, and when they did, perverted their sons into beta males, objects of derision. And in the process you’ve destroyed Western civilization. Are you satisfied with your victory?

The accusation that I enjoy hurting people through my writing is absolutely wrong. The truth is that I get quite angry that we cannot speak the truth. My pleasure is in solving problems. In life, as in mathematics, you cannot solve a problem unless you can state it clearly. When political correctness prevents us from framing them, we will solve problems only very rarely. Few are obliging enough that they go away on their own. They only get worse.

The fact that I could not honestly discuss my children’s problems in their relationships with us, their parents, or school, or with each other, or later their relationships with their boyfriends and girlfriends, meant that they never learned how to get along with anybody. The problems they have today are the result of our failing long ago to grapple with the truth.

My ex-wife and I did not raise successful adults. This bothers me more than it bothers any of the rest of their all-liberal tribe. I’m conservative. I would like to conserve what I thought was my forebears’ successful way of life. The rest of the ex-family are quite content to let their own, and my kids’ lives be meaningless, without grandchildren and without the perpetuation of any tradition. Up to their necks in the cess pool, all they ask is that nobody make waves.

If people want to prohibit me from speaking my mind for fear of hurting somebody’s feelings, too bad. Although it is certainly too late at this point to do anything about it, I want to proclaim emphatically that I should have raised my voice in the past. I hope that others can learn from my experience that it is better to tell it like it is. I will no longer submit to a double standard whereby others can say what they will about me, but I can’t even speak the truth.


1 thought on “Refusing to give in to the double standard

  1. Yes always tell it like it is. My grandpa (and yours) told me to always tell the truth, that it always hurt someone, most of the time it hurt me as well. Tell it quickly. The more you procrastinate, the more it will hurt. In my vernacular, tell them to stick it where the sun don’t shine.

    Appeasement never works. Chamberlain tried that with Hitler. It cost millions their lives. Thus, I blame Chamberlain as much, if not more, than Hitler for the loss of those lives.

    Lincoln, a Republican, freed the slaves. Roosevelt, a Democrat, with his appeasement (entitlement programs) re-enslaved them. I don’t think that was his intent, but that was the result.

    No one, but no one puts any value in anything that they don’t have sweat in. If someone gave me a new BMW every year, I wouldn’t put any value in it. I would just look for MY new car every year. AND IF I DIDN’T GET IT ONE YEAR, I’D RAISE HOLY HELL. RIOT, LOOT, BURN BUILDINGS, ETC. (ENTITLEMENTS ENTITLEMENTS)

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