Burning and looting is in Black evolutionary self-interest

We white people react in horror to the violence in Ferguson. What can the Blacks be thinking? I am not an evolutionary psychologist, but let me project some ways in which what they are doing might be rational.

First, one must recognize that the situation of Black people outside of the tribal environment in which they evolved is precarious. Europeans have historically been responsible for almost all modern science, industry, and business. Asians have recently started contributing significantly. Blacks have contributed next to nothing, and technology makes even their labor contribution increasingly marginal.

Black populations have been unable to acquire the education or the skills now in demand. The obvious reason for this is a lack of intellectual capability. However, because Blacks vote No government can afford to state this fact. Nonetheless, the conclusions of intelligence researchers which have stood for almost 100 years remain unchanged. Different populations have different average intelligences. As Steve Sailer wryly put it, the order understood back then was Semetic, Oriental, Caucasian, Latino and Negro. It is now Jewish, Asian, White, Hispanic, and Black.

The differences are large. The average Jew is smarter than 5/6 of white people, and the average white person is smarter than 5/6 of black people. The Wikipedia article on this, “Mainstream Science on Intelligence” – Google it, remains as valid today as when it was written in 1994.

Blacks have no recourse. Tribal life is no longer viable. They have no land available for subsistence farming. They have few skills that are valued in the labor market. They have become quite totally dependent on the majority society for their livelihood. And, they have become very adept at manipulating that mainstream society. Fortunately for them, mainstream society is quite affluent. Moreover, it is afflicted by altruism, easily permuted into white guilt by the Blacks and their enablers. This so far has given them what they need.

Blacks get jobs by demanding them. They challenge society to tell them why they should not have jobs in proportions equivalent to those held by other races. The honest answer, that they cannot do the jobs as well as others because they are not that smart, cannot be uttered. Therefore, the powers that be cave in and grant them jobs through affirmative action and other preferential tools. Blacks get jobs which they can only marginally perform but from which they cannot easily be fired. The society is rich; it can afford the drag on productivity that black employees represent.

Employed Blacks, however productive or not, are in line for a number of government provided benefits. They receive subsidies for purchasing houses, preferential admission to educational institutions which will grant them certifications that help them get a job. Insurance companies and others are legally prohibited from making rational decisions with regard to Blacks on the basis of statistical analysis of their driving, loan repayment and other performance indicators.

Many Blacks do not work. There are a host of government programs to make sure they survive. They benefit from unemployment insurance, disability programs, welfare, state run food programs like food stamps, private charities, a number of healthcare program, rent subsidies, student loans even when they do not study and other similar handouts. One would observe that a cynical knowledge of how to play the system is widespread throughout Black communities. It is not even cynical: despite having nothing on which to base it, they have developed a profound sense of entitlement.

Blacks have learned that crime pays. Many have no other way, besides taking handouts, of making money. Though they are not caught that often, the number who are overwhelm the system. There are simply not enough police to catch them or jails to lock them up. More than that, there is a legion of apologists who second-guess the police, schools, prison authorities and others that would attempt to hold them to account. Blacks are not given to deep thinking, but they correctly conclude that a thug life is not a bad deal, given their alternatives. Liberals are aghast that they would make such terrible life decisions. The sad truth is that Blacks are more rational than these overeducated bien-pensants. Their choices make sense within the context of their lives.

Rioting and looting made sense fifty years ago in Watts, Hunters Point and Washington. It makes sense today in Ferguson. Not for all Blacks, but for enough that they are able to carry it off. They riot, the police are constrained from responding with anything like appropriate force, and Blacks can carry off what they want. They also have the pleasure of intimidating the white man once again as they do it.

As a breeding population Blacks are doing well relative to whites. They have more children, shorter generations, and feel much less obligation to invest in those children’s education and socialization. Black children become wards of society at birth. White people’s taxes pay for their babysitting. Head Start and the school system, and food through the school lunch programs. White charities often provide them with clothes, summer camp and other amenities. Black people, unencumbered by the expenses, have more children than white people. They are evolutionarily more successful. While it lasts.

It would be an oversimplification to say that the Blacks are an example of a parasite killing the host. White societies’ altruistic toleration of black parasitism is only one of their many dysfunctions. They have lost faith in their own beliefs and traditions. Their endorsement of sexual practices totally unconnected with reproduction does not lead to children. The self-indulgent lifestyle of the baby boomers, financed with money borrowed from their children, is also unsustainable. One can say merely that celebrating diversity is one among many indulgences which is not promoting the evolutionary interests of white people.

Whatever brings it about, the demise of the white population will deprive Blacks of their host. Other peoples of the world will not be a sympathetic. If Blacks have so many children that they starve in the streets of Johannesburg, one can hardly expect that the Chinese will take it on themselves to feed them. Chinese have had no difficulty watching each other starve over the centuries. They maintain the benighted notion that Chinese lives are more valuable than starving Blacks.

White society, if it is to survive, needs to regain its own sense of tribal identity. This is happening in Europe. Génération Identitaire, for example, is a French manifestation. They are not anti-Black or anti-Muslim, simply pro-European. The effect is the same. If French resources are to be distributed among peoples, they want to put French recipients at the head of the line.

It may be that the put-upon white population of the United States is finally finding its voice, daring to speak the unspeakable. It is hard to predict what will happen when they do. As noted, the Blacks have nowhere to go. It will certainly be bloody and unpleasant, and it could mark the end of a remarkable civilization.


3 thoughts on “Burning and looting is in Black evolutionary self-interest

  1. Excellent analysis, thanks. I wonder about that ordering: I think the placement of Jews and Asians ahead of whites is misleading. Well, come to think of it Ashkenazi (sp?) Jews perhaps, as they are in any case whites; but the placement of Asians before whites is definitely suspect I think. Asians might have a higher mean IQ, but this effect is more than offset, on the collective level at least, by (what seems to be) the much wider IQ spread among whites: more morons, yes, but also more (many, many more) extremely intelligent — and highly, productively creative (creativity being a notable Asian failing) — individuals.

    • I’m going with conventional wisdom in terms of intelligence rankings. Singapore and Hong Kong are way up there, but the Chinese in those places self-selected. Likewise for East Asians in the United States. I have a feeling that my ancestors who immigrated to the US between two and four centuries ago were likewise somewhat above average. About creativity you are absolutely right. Nobel Prizes, for instances, have disproportionately gone to Jews, followed by Whites.

  2. I think Jews and Asians score higher, and blacks/latinos lower, due to stimulation. Jewish and Asian children tend to receive a high degree of intense, capital-intensive stimulation and investment from birth. Blacks and latinos, not so much. Whites span the full spectrum. So the trailer trash low class whites drag down the high-end achievers. Not many trailer Jews or Japanese to drag down their stats. Not enough MSc-earning blacks and latinos to elevate the masses. Just my 2c.

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