Why would parts of Ukraine want to join Russia?

I Googled “reasons to join Russia” and “why Donbass wants to join russia” In Russian, “почему донбасс хочет в россию”

There does not seem to be an answer! The best reason I can come up with is “to avoid being killed by the Russians.”

The only list I found was in justification of the referendum in Crimea. The five strongest points were:
1. Everyone basically supports it anyway.
2. Only “right-wing radicals” are opposed.
3. The business investment environment in Russia is far superior to Ukraine.
4. Observers from Hungary, Serbia and Greece are cool with the referendum.
5. Moscow is extremely generous and already giving humanitarian aid to Crimea.
These would be weak even if they had been true, but they after the referendum it is clear that they are transparently false. Business activity has plummeted, unemployment and prices have risen, and individual liberties have disappeared. The indigenous Tatars have been ruthlessly suppressed.

The reasons not to join Russia have been known for centuries. Custine noted 175 years ago in “Letters from Russia” that “Deceit is built into every stratum of Russian society,” and “Russia’s lack of creativity dooms them to be perpetual imitators” – if not thieves, and “Russians do not know how to exercise freedom; they seek a strong master.” Russians have been trying for centuries, without success, to force Europeans to be like themselves. Europe has always, in the end, prevailed. It is wary.

The Donbass, the borderland dividing Russia and Europe proper, was a curious place even before Maidan. It was the center of Ukrainian economic activity and the homeland of the president and many ruling oligarchs. Yet, it was at the same time a mined-out, deteriorating rust belt of depressed, drug- and alcohol-addicted men with the worst health, life expectancy and attitudes in the country. As in America, such dropouts are easily led to blame “the man.” The Kremlin helpfully pointed out, via Russian-controlled television, that “the man” was embodied by Ukrainian-speaking Fascists in Kiev.

The targets of this propaganda could not recognize that Kiev is overwhelmingly Russia-speaking, and that the last Fascists were dispatched in 1945. Some bought it.

Putin is playing a weak hand. There is no advantage (aside from not getting shot by Russians) to abandon Ukraine. Putin does not wrap himself in any ideology such as communism or even religion. He has only the use of force.

Putin began his attack using “little green men,” unprincipled Cossack and Chechyan mercenaries. They are, however, few. If he is going to conquer and occupy Ukraine, it must be by a conscript army. The Soviet Union fell when conscript armies and puppet politicians refused to impose Moscow’s will through force of arms.

Russia has little industry; the income stream it uses to pay soldiers and placate civilians comes from natural resources. Sanctions, and the direct economic damage done by Putin’s wars have eroded that income stream. He will not have the money to impose his political will on unwilling peoples in the long term. Let us hope that not too many die as that fact makes itself apparent.


1 thought on “Why would parts of Ukraine want to join Russia?

  1. You say, “he, putin,, will not have enough money ..for the long term”. That is what makes him very dangerous in the short run.

    There is the problem that russian’s hate themselves pathologically and do everything to get hated in return. The west loves themselves narcissiticly and they expect everybody to love them. it is a clash of civilizations, russia was never western, even though they say they are Christians, which is one of the foundations of western civilization. The west has become very decadent and is loosing many of it’s qualities that made it great. I think though it has gone thru that phase more than once.

    Arkadi Shewshenko and ex KGB dipolmat who defected to America around 1980, wrote a book where he essentialy said that, “It was not the fire place that built civilization, it was a wall built in the middle of a house that gave privacy for one person in the other room to think”

    Have weterners now too much privacy?, Is there too much isolation due to an abundance of “slot machines” to keep are addicted attention to the point were we don’t think anymore..

    I’ll look into Gedaliah Braun, from your last post comment.

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