Who rules over the supposedly dominant European people?

Voltaire wrote “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.”  Among the most strongly forbidden criticism in our times is of immigrants and those who enable immigration.  They are universally shunned as haters and shut up with appropriate hate speech laws.  The laws apply specifically, only to whites.  Others are free to call us whatever they want with impunity.

Jared Taylor of American Renaissance has been most eloquent and persistent in calling attention to this.  Last week he was a lead speaker at a conference of similarly-minded Europeans in Budapest .  Read related articles on their web site.   The Hungarians busted up the conference, refused entry to speakers, jailed some and inconvenienced many.

What are they afraid of, and who is afraid?  Africans and Arabs are many, but not that strong.  Who benefits from diversity, and why do they so vociferously defend its sanctity?


1 thought on “Who rules over the supposedly dominant European people?

  1. Although I am conservative, I belive many right wing groups support or are supported by ruSSia, I don’t know in the above case.

    Here is a great must see video of conservative David Horowitz, talking about many topics. Including last Iraq war, communist and progressive domination of education, immigration etc. Funny commenet at end about Reed college

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