It is time to reassess

Blogging and writing book reviews won’t make me rich. The well-known bloggers I follow are constantantly crying poor and asking for donations. I do not have the energy, desire and probably not the talent to match their output.

Being a marginally public personna has made me a handful of online acquaintances, which I appreciate. I get called names, which is only to be expected. I expand my horizons. People post useful leads, and I push myself to research my topics. It has been enjoyable.

I am making enemies. That is not a good idea for a father with a young family. I have long been critical of the governments of the United States and Europe. While they can deal harshly with dissenters, they usually don’t bother with small fry like myself. Ukraine’s enemies are of another sort. Closer, less scrupulous and less subject to scrutiny. I should not go out of my way to irk them.

This era is witnessing a clash of world orders. Enlightenment liberalism has passed its apogee. It has sunk into indolence and the intolerance of enforced tolerance. The Muslim world remains as the Bible said of Ishmael: “And he (Islam) will be a wild man; his hand will be against every man, and every man’s hand against him; and he shall dwell in the presence of all his brethren.” China, despite major problems, seems likely to continue its assent. Lastly, Russia remains as Chaadaev described it 250 years ago, living “in the narrowest of presents, without past or future, amidst dull stagnation… Alone in the world, we have not given the world anything , have not taken anything from the world, have contributed nothing to the advance of human thought, and have distorted whatever traces of that advance we did receive.”

Russia’s very resistance to change may position it well in comparison to other cultures whose experimentation seems to be their undoing. In any case, one does not reason with steppe raiders, and one is wise not to antagonize them. Becoming meek and invisible seems a wise strategic move. I should dedicate myself to preparing my child for adult life. Whatever battles are to be fought are more his than mine.

I’ve deleted a couple of my more aggressive book reviews. I may do the same with entries in this blog, though it has the protection of a very small readership. Nobody cares. I’m resolved to spend more time with the music, English and other lessons we are conducting for toddlers. I plan to learn more about early childhood education and to continue to improve my Russian as my son develops his own knowledge of the language. The Christian posture is to recognize that the individual is virtually powerless to change the path of history, and to pray that God will take care of one’s family. We’ll do all we can, and pray for help. And I expect I’ll be writing less.


4 thoughts on “It is time to reassess

  1. Looks to me like you have your priorities in line with reality. Should you need/want any support/approval from Alaska, you got it.

    Should you head this way, you might again feel free to re-expand your writing without fear of some local politically correct person or apparatchik acting against you. Politicians in Alaska get regularly cussed out to their faces. If there is retaliation, it’s fairly subtle but more often there is no retaliation. Politicians have learned to accept a lots of criticism.

    A few years ago, I was at the Anchorage airport and there saw U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski carrying her own suitcase. That may indicate that there are fewer toadies here than elsewhere (admittedly that abstraction is not supportable to you statistics types).

    But, like your neck of the woods, Alaska is far from pure but it seems more tolerable than lots of places in America (“America” is an Alaskan term for the rest of the USA with the possible exception of Hawaii). You’ll hear old-timers saying that they have to “go to America” for one or another reason. I say this because it is not uncommon for folks to leave Alaska and swear they’ll never return. But they do and the reasons therefor generally are not economic.

    Better get a few chores done around here. The leaves are turning yellow. I’m never ready for winter but winter doesn’t seem to care about my preparations or lack thereof.

  2. Mike Gre. I think about that. Costa Rica heads my list, but I’m not even sure of that. Other places like Nicaragua that would not care whatsoever about my opinions about the world so long as I kept my nose out of local politics.

    • Such a good post above, and now this your, “maybe in Nicaragua”, comment. I agree, political correctness is oppressive as hell, but you “keeping you nose out (public opinion)”, that is you want freedom to express yourself, Nicaragua is not the place. America is still large enough to fit you in. But, you want to be in a civilization that is rising not sinking, you picked the wrong time, maybe if you wait it will change. For now, I find what I want on the internet. If you have a good wife and son and you are well ballance husband and father, then your half way there. There railrly periods ofr uthopia in history.

      We grew up in America, at a time that was uinique in history. If you missed injury from the Vietnam war, the debt crissis, de-industrialization, and the and the corrosive affects of leftist culture than you did very well. Of course, the last is the most injuries of them all, I think leftism is why we lost the war in Vietnam too,

      As I said in prior posts, here, it is not only marxism that is helping the downfall, it is the succes of busy mothers and fathers pursuing opportunity while neglecting responsibility. That is as much of a corrosive force in right wingers as left wingers.

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