Is it good for the Jews?

Charges of anti-Semitism raises their head in every conflict. The accusation is being thrown around rather liberally in the Russia-Ukraine affair.

Ukraine’s president Poroshenko is part Jewish. The oligarch he appointed for Dnipropetrov’sk, Igor Kolomoisky, is the head of the European Jewish union. Several other appointees such as Groisman have names that suggest they are Jewish.

The Russians are gloriously inconsistent in smearing the leadership of Ukraine. In one breath they call them Fascists, and the next they tar them as Jewish oligarchs. The fact is, Jews in Ukraine are active in government and supportive of their president.

People accuse Putin of anti-Semitism. He looks more like a ruthless political pragmatist, willing to do whatever it takes to reestablish the Russian Empire. In doing so he associates with very unsavory sorts.

Modeling himself after the czars, he has augmented his army with Cossacks, Chechens and other quasi-mercenary irregular forces. They are at arm’s length. Putin attempts to maintain deniability. They fight without uniforms. Putin claims he has no power to stop their looting, shooting down civilian aircraft, or robbing the corpses.

Cossacks, however, have been installed over the past decade to serve as his palace guard. These people from the fringes of Russia have a history of brutality and opportunism. The Tsars used Cossacks against the Jews – older Jews even in the United States shudder at the word. Ukraine, where the Cossacks emerged five centuries ago as escaped serfs, no longer has identifiable Cossack populations. Most fled to Krasnodar Krai in Russia and became “registered Cossacks” in the service of the Tsars. They were useful, willing to commit acts that an ordinary conscript could not force his conscience to accept.

Putin’s Chechen forces, headed by Kadyrov, chose money over blood as they savagely suppressed their fellow Muslim countrymen, indiscriminately killing civilians in a process that shrunk the population by almost 20%.

Six of the seven billionaires to emerge after the fall of the USSR were Jewish. Though a few remain, cowed and quiet, Putin has squeezed most of them out one way or another. Jailed them or forced them into exile.

Putin supports the European nationalist parties, all of which have all been accused, with varying degrees of justification, of anti-Semitism. Despite her strong anti-immigrant rhetoric, Marine le Pen recently supported Arabs as they riot against Israel’s invasion of Gaza. The enemy of my enemy is my friend? The sole exception to this support is Ukraine’s Svoboda (freedom) party. Although its positions are similar in almost every way to the western parties, Putin rails against them as Fascists and Banderistas. The evidence is that Putin is no friend of the Jews, though he will use them when he can.

The intellectual foundation, such as it is, of Putin’s empire-building is a concept called Eurasia. It’s primary advocate, Putin’s house philosopher, is Alexander Dugin. Dugin lives in such a different world that it is hard to choose the right adjectives, though anti-Semite is certainly among them. He chose a well-known French anti-Semite, Alain Soral (see Wikipedia for anti-Semetic quotes), to write the forward to his masterwork, “The Fourth Political Philosophy.”

Why are American Libertarians coming out strong in support of Putin’s invasion of Ukraine? Why are people like Paul Craig Roberts, Ron Paul, Mish Shedlock and Pat Buchanan spouting Russian propaganda chapter and verse? There are several reasons.
• Money comes first. The Russians are generous with their friends.
• Greed comes second. The gold bugs’ theory (which I happen to believe)is that evil rulers and central bankers of the US and Europe have artificially depressed the price of gold for three years now. Gold will soar when an ascendent Russia and China dump their US bonds. All the named players have a strong interest in gold.  They are talking their book.
• Indolence comes third. If the Russians will write your articles for you, saying things that appeal to your readership, why work?

The final question is, why should Jews support Putin? To make a short-term killing in the gold market? If that entails standing silently by as the Russians massacre Ukrainians, including their fellow Jews, and take over their country it is definitely blood money.

Jews have never fared well attempting to choose winners among despots. B’nai Brith’s slogan is “Never Again!” So why are you doing it again?


4 thoughts on “Is it good for the Jews?

  1. That well-known pundits, e.g. Paul Craig Roberts, become stooges for Putin may be their way of getting some bucks on the cheap with no effort. Roberts’ March 29th article made no sense. He asserts the the Maiden protests were “to put NATO military bases on Ukraine’s border with Russia and to impose an IMF austerity program that serves as cover for Western financial interests to loot the country.”

    The West is broke yet Roberts asserts that it wants to piss away money on military bases to confront Russia (GDP $2.113 trillion or just about 13% of the GDP of the USA). Better yet, Russia’s GDP is 6% of the GDP of the US GDP ($16.72 billion) combined with the GDP of the European Union ($16.95 trillion). On the face of it, I’m guessing that Mr. Roberts got his logic via Common Core.

    Roberts asserts that the Western financial interests want to “loot the country.” According the the CIA factbook the Ukraine GDP is $175 billion or a half of a percent of the combined GDP of the USA and the European Union. Those Western robbers should review the apocryphal (yet accurate) reply of Willie Sutton when he was asked why he robbed banks.

    From his words, it’s not difficult to conclude that Roberts is:
    1. For flying into the face of reality, one of Putin’s tools
    2. Lazy
    3. Not as smart as he thinks he is if he thinks anybody believes such pap
    4. Broke
    5. Interested in a secret Ukrainian diamond/platinum/gold mine
    6. Working on an piece to make Milli Vanilli look legit.

  2. Puzzled by your comments on Paul Craig Roberts, I looked into his writings. He’s neither the libertarian you describe nor the paleo-conservative that others say he is. He is just plain unhinged.

    Look for instance at this ridiculous article :

    Look at this note :

    He quotes approvingly from a site that describes itself as “progressive”, while the author of the article says that “he has written extensively for a forum for socialist views & the website for the International Committee of the Fourth International”.

    In other words, Paul Craig Roberts, who is supposed to be on the right, promotes the writings of a self-described communist. Never mind his distinguished carreer : the man is plain nuts. His sanity has dissolved.

  3. Have to agree with you. He writes quite a bit about gold. One piece in January stood out in my mind as a very lucid compilation of the various manipulation theories. On Russia, he is nuts.

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