Try Occam’s razor to sort through the claims and counterclaims in propaganda

Occam’s razor says that the simplest explanation which is consistent with the facts is probably the best one. Galileo’s sun-centered model of the universe was better than the earth-centered model because it was easier. Elliptical orbits instead of figure-8s, etc.

Here is another set of explanations of the same kinds of things Ron Paul was attempting to explain. Much simpler, and to me, much more credible.

This fits a pattern. The Russians lied consistently about Maidan, then Crimea. They can certainly be expected to lie now.

Here is an article by a Silicon Valley Russian emigre explaining why the Russians have to lie. I have seen nothing (other than my own) explaining why the American right is so willing to believe the lies.


5 thoughts on “Try Occam’s razor to sort through the claims and counterclaims in propaganda

  1. Nothing then 3 great articles.
    In psychology “projection” is when you say something about someone, you say more about yourself then the someone. There is no doubt that not only putin but most of the russian population are what they accuse Ukrainians of being.

    But did you hear obama’s first reaction on the 17th, the theme was basically, ” it looks like…maybe… a terrible tragedy took place in Ukraine”. He is relucting to admit, “looks lie..maybe”, admit what? yes I think his unconcious is finally showing in his “projecting” the tragedy in Ukraine and the rest of the world that it is he is not up to it, he is the tragedy of our time.

    Another thought, is that russia’s reputation on the night of the 17th hit bottom. Then why would the russian invaders in Ukraine delay and obstruct the gathering of bodies? A crime beyond the original crime, knowing their reputation would only get worse, The logical conclusion I came to is, they delayed to gain time to amass another military build up and while the world is in confusion and now starting to morn and soon to plan for funerals, the world is too groggy from waking up to do something soon. Western Europe and the US seems like they woke up, but by the time they smell the coffe and will be ready to act, russia will invade.

  2. From Ben Shapiro

    “This is a Western humiliation on an epic scale. Obama and Europe could wrongly and weakly pass off the invasion and annexation of Crimea as a historical anomaly brutally corrected. They could ignore the further invasion of eastern Ukraine, focusing instead on those naughty Israelis busily defending themselves against rocket attacks from Hamas terrorists.

    But now, the West has told Putin, in no uncertain terms, that his people can hit a civilian aircraft with a missile, and that there will be no costs.”

  3. I’m guessing that many in the American Right are caught up with what’s going on at home. Briefly, if a problem can be temporized or seemingly solved with loose logic that flies in the face of experience, that is what is being done. That’s what humans do. I think that Putin perceives the focus of the American Right and exploits it.

  4. In reading, they have 2 twitter feeds on the right site of the page.
    The second twitter feed compilates a vast selection of mostly Ukrainian-russian war items. But occasionaly it has off beat tweets, the following being one.

    It mentions amongst other things Ron Pauls earlier supporter Gary North.
    Here is a segement from the wikipedia page,
    “Gary North favors capital punishment for a range of offenders; including women who lie about their virginity, blasphemers, nonbelievers, children who curse their parents,[22] male homosexuals, and other people who commit acts deemed capital offenses in the Old Testament….North has said that capital punishment should be carried out by stoning” source

    Gary North wirtes for Lew Rockwell who is out of his mind too.

    Libertarians have a clear view of the abuse of debt but they have an authoritarian streak, and it is easy for them, even after the Mlayasian airline attack, to support terrorussia.

    Any addition thoughts on their insanity?

    Here’s some more insanity from David Stockman’s,


    • Regarding North: I guess he doesn’t know or like the idea that subsequent information, commands, etc. are more relevant than prior information, commands. And maybe he likes some of the stuff but doesn’t like, forgets, or refuses to recognize, “He who is without sin, cast the first stone.” North sounds like he likes to grab onto one part of the whole while forgetting about the whole.

      Regarding Stockman: 1. He begins by writing “Imperial Washington…” When did Washington become imperial? Other then the fleeting but disastrous adventures of Obama, Washington is something less than “imperial” IMHO. 2. Have the latest sanctions been published specifically? Briefly the banking restrictions evidently restrict or prohibit some or all lending short of making it illiquid (per the CBS article). And it seems that some of Putin’s friends or acquaintances can’t do business with European or US banks. Further it seems like some weapons can’t go the Russia, even if a French warship can. Stockman may have a point as it’s common for private institutions to cheat on their governments when it comes to big bucks. If the feds and their European equivalent can enforce the sanctions, It seems that they would be anything but laughable. But it takes a few weeks for such sanctions to affect the targets, Putin and Russia. We are told that that Putin is very popular within Russia. So maybe the current crop of Russians will again become long-suffering Russians. To cast the latest sanctions as “wet noodles” might make Stockman sound like he knows what he’s talking about. With this comment, I’m guessing that Stockton has pretensions of profundity; he’s just glib. 3. Here’s what’s wrong: a. Ukraine is indeed a sovereign state b. “Wantonly violated by ….” At least Stockman has the first part right. Were those masked guys running around with guns doing some preHolloween thing? I won’t bother with discussing “Wantonly” but there is not doubt that an invasion is a violation. And an invasion by its own troops, its mercenaries, or its proxies (complete with “advisors” is no less an invasion. Further, the history of Russia has been replete with actions motivated by its perceived need for a secure border to its West. c. Ukraine has long been partitioned, etc. — that’s sorta kinda like most countries in Europe over the years.

      There’s not much point in continuing this critique of a stupid article. Other than being a flack for Putin (if so, I hope he’s paid well for this), I have no idea why Stockman or any person would write such tripe. In the final analysis he’s a tool like Paul Craig Roberts and some other odd oracle wannabes.

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