Russian disinformation really works! A frightening number of people believe in Fascists

If there were Fascists, I’m quite sure they would have been in evidence over the past three months.  What we have seen are nationalist parties like Svoboda.  They are simply political parties.  Oleg Tyahnybok, founder of Svoboda, said some things a few years back that are utterly mild compared to the early speeches of Strom Thurmond or Robert Byrd.  And it is only words.  The Russians have conjured up images of vast militias organized to shoot helpless Russophones.  Like, presumably, me.  I haven’t yet learned Ukrainian – most of Kiev speaks Russian.

I have composed a general question to pose on message boards in response to people who pass on such drivel about supposed Fascist militias.

In what Ukrainian cities and towns are their military bases?
Where do they train?
Where do they keep their war machines (tanks, APCs, etc.)?
Who funds them?  What is the budget?
Who are the unit commanders?
When did they come into existence?
Why did Yanukovych never discover their existence and root them out?
What color unicorns do they ride, really?


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