Putin is kaput, he fell into a trap: Ukraine has applied the know-how of modern warfare (original headline)

Here is an article from Ukrainian news source Novaukraina.org expressing pretty much my opinion of how the crisis in Crimea will work itself out.  This is my translation from the Russian.  Thanks to Yuriy Karabach for posting the link to the article on Facebook.

Putin de facto declared war on Ukraine, but got in the process a grandiose headache. Our country has applied defense tactics hitherto unused in world history. It is the peaceful shield exhibited successfully against foreign aggression in Maidan. Now, the whole country has become Maidan!

In response to the invasion of the Crimea, Ukraine is not rattling its saber, but chanting in great masses – on the streets, on TV, in electronic and print media, from the mouths of the central and local authorities, non-governmental organizations: “Hands off of our independent country.” Public figures and artists, the Kiev Patriarchy of the Orthodox Church, and even oligarchs united against this aggression. The whole world is literally pressing the Kremlin with their calls and threats of various sanctions … Putin is trapped.  It is really impossible to fight, otherwise he will stupidly exterminate these peaceful people, and he will no longer hide his propaganda and lies from the Russian people. He needs to retreat, coming up with excuses along the way. In principle, it is already too late …

The counsel for the Kiev metropolitan cathedral of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Moscow, Patriarchate Onufry, appealed to Kirill, the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia, requesting the avoidance of bloodshed in Ukraine: “After three months of the socio-political crisis, a bloody confrontation in the center of Kiev and the death of dozens of people, we are now faced with another no less formidable challenge.  On March 1, from the mouths of the officials of the Russian Federation, issued a statement about the possible introduction into Ukraine of a limited contingent of Russian troops. If this happens, the Ukrainian and Russian people will be drawn into a confrontation that will have catastrophic consequences for our country. As the chief counsel of the Kiev metropolitan cathedral, I appeal to you, your Holiness, requesting you to do everything possible to avoid bloodshed in Ukraine. I ask you to raise your voice about preserving the integrity of the territory of the Ukrainian state. ”

According to preliminary data, the governor of the Dnepropetrovsk region will be oligarch Igor Kolomoisky. Last night, thousands joined the Dnepropetrovsk anti-Putin march to protest against the actions of Russian military on the territory of Ukraine. They chanted “East and West together “, “Down with Putin”, “Putin – Hitler”, “Putin is Kaput”, “Ukraine – not Russia,” and so on. Representatives of Maidan Self-defense “right sector” protected the regional administration building and the mayor within barbed wire.

Another less fortunate oligarch, Sergei Taruta, agreed to become governor of the Donetsk region. The Donetsk Regional State Administration was actually occupied yesterday by pro-Russian demonstrators who demanded that Russian troops enter the territory of Donbas. Nevertheless , Taruta said: “I never wanted to work in state government , but today, on the time of danger … my decision is out of a desire to protect our country , in which there is no difference in matters of language and religion, between right and left ,  and where we all Ukrainians and are entitled to a strong and united new Ukraine .”

It appears that Michael Bolotskih, who served as Chairman of the State Service for Emergency Situations, has agreed to serve as chairman of the Lugansk regional administration.

Meanwhile, in the Crimea, the Russian military has removed some of the weapons seized from Ukrainian military units. There seems to have been no bloodshed.

U.S. Ambassador to the UN Security Council Samantha Power, in a speech at the Security Council meeting on the Ukrainian question, said among other things: “International observers should be promptly sent into Ukraine from the UN and the OSCE.” U.S. President Obama delivered a sharper statement: “Further violation of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine by Russia could negatively affect Russia’s position in the international community. The United States will suspend further participation in the preparatory meetings for the Big Eight. Further violation of international law by the Russians may lead to greater political and economic isolation.” NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen appealed to the leadership of Russia, called for respect for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine.

Meanwhile, the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine has decided to put the Armed Forces of Ukraine into full combat readiness.  The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry has asked the European Union, U.S. and NATO to consider all possible mechanisms to protect the territorial integrity of Ukraine. Parliament voted today with the constitutionally stipulated quorum. It is not possible to exclude imposition of emergency rule. Mobilization has already begun; military conscription requires citizens to report to recruiting stations.



Russian hackers “collapsed” the poster of the article: “Putin was trapped – Ukraine applied the know-how of modern warfare ”

After the posting on the real-vin.com web site, the author of the article “Putin was trapped – Ukraine applied know-how of modern warfare “resource was hacked and for more than 2 hours was not available. Judging from appearing on the screen, we can conclude that the people who hacked the site think that the Russian president is right to try to “protect the Ukrainians and Russians in Ukraine” from the brown plague.” (Fascism – translator) The website team was genuinely surprised by this reaction to an objective and balanced article.


4 thoughts on “Putin is kaput, he fell into a trap: Ukraine has applied the know-how of modern warfare (original headline)

  1. I’m not sure Putin is trapped. But he might have bitten off more than he can chew. Assuming that Crimea gets its money from tourism and the Russians control the place, how will that affect tourism and allied revenue sources?
    My take on this is that both Putin and Obama are lame ducks and have together created this crisis in order to consolidate and increase their power. They are both thugs. The bright spot is that in this information age, their thuggery will be make known as international investigators (who might even be journalists but certainly not U.S. mainstream “journalists”).
    The fatal flaw in the Putin-Obama plan is as old as mankind. Each will judge the other by his own proclivities. That means each is currently suspicious of the other and that suspicion will grow in to full paranoia or something akin to that.
    I’m not much of a conspiracy theorist, but I put nothing past these two, their lust for power, and their lackeys capacity to promote further empowering (I hate that word “empowering” but it seems appropriate here) their masters.
    If ultimately economics will rule, this seems a dead loser for Putin. The Russian economy is about 20% of the US economy. Should the rest of the world reject Putin’s grab and China continue pressing for greater territory and influence, Putin is indeed trapped because Russia is trapped.
    The best response that the West could gin up is to drill, drill, drill, and make principal Russian exports superfluous.

  2. It’s not Putin who’s “kaput”… But Ukraine.
    Forget Putin for a second. Ukaine entering the EU means that:
    1 – They’ll lose their sovereignty.
    2 – They’ll eventually become debt slaves (thanks to the IMF)

    That aside , considering how conservative most ukranians are….They’re likely to cause other riots once they’ll realise that homosexuality , LGBT , multiculturalism , “diversity” & other degenerate western ideologies will have to be their norm.

    • I see you are from Belgium. You know exactly what you are talking about. You have put your finger on my greatest fears. Read the past few months of this blog and you will see that I have often posted these concerns.

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